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Belle goes into a song and dance routine of her own, and eventually you feel you must stop her. You stay at homeYoull hear the noise and come back. Ill play your song, you know. The two of you are left in silence as the two of them go on performing their act. Youre just a spectator at this point, observing the two of them in a passive way, but theres something about them that grabs your attention. And then in a flash of pink and purple, a young man wearing a purple hoodie and jeans, holding a pink guitar and singing along in a sweet tone comes flying through the sky, singing and dancing around his girlfriend on the bed. You say, trying to ignore your own feelings as youre trying to eavesdrop on them. You shout, trying to not make this any worse for anyone And stop singing. Belle you can stop playing, now. Belle, you can stop playing, now. You say as you press mute, and continue watching, just wishing you could help this couple in some way, in any way, since you feel like you and your life are so broken and you do not want to be around anymore. Wed like to apologize to you, but wed like the chance for you to talk with us in a way. Its not just an apology, its a whole new relationship. Just ask, and well tell you everything you need to know.

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