Ben Affleck Debuts Fresh New Look as He Joins Matt Damon in New Video

Ben Affleck is debuting his new look while getting back to his old funnyman ways with bestie Matt Damon. The Good Will Hunting writers and co-stars teamed up with Omaze for a fundraiser for the Eastern Congo Initiative and the organization 

In the new clip, a clean-shaven Affleck, 48, looks significantly slimmed down and fresh-faced as he shows off his new quarantine look in a gray T-shirt. 

The actor pals are offering to fly out two fans to come have lunch with them in Los Angeles once it’s safe to travel. But as Damon, 50, is explaining this, Affleck can’t help but interrupt him and give him some directorial advice. 

“You gotta spice it up. You gotta be appealing,” Affleck tells Damon. “‘Cause, like, right now, no one wants to come have dinner with this guy,” he adds, gesturing to Damon. 

After urging Damon to “sell it,” he continues to interrupt him on the second take, saying, “Dude, don’t act, don’t be weird. Human beings don’t behave like [that]. Tell them something they’re interested in. Be like, ‘Hey, come see Jason Bourne and Batman.” 

“Robert Pattinson’s coming?” Damon asks Affleck, trolling him about the 34-year-old actor who has taken over the role of Batman after Affleck portrayed the Caped Crusader in several DC Comics films. 

“No, Jeremy Renner will be there though,” Affleck claps back, referencing Renner’s role in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy

Matt and I have joined forces with @omaze to offer you the chance to come and hang out with us in Hollywood (once it’s safe to travel) and help @easterncongo & @water provide resources and support to communities in need.  Enter now at (link in bio) Over 10 years ago, Whitney Williams and I founded the @easterncongo Initiative to help support people in the region. After enduring a generation of armed conflict (and the recent struggles that the entire world has faced during this global pandemic), the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s brilliance, creativity and determination shows the rest of us what's possible.

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“Jeremy Renner did not play Jason Bourne. He expanded the Bourne Universe,” Damon notes. 

“Well, he improved on it,” Affleck argues. 

“Pattinson took your job,” Damon quips of the Twilight actor who is currently filming The Batman

Fans can donate but no donation or payment is necessary to enter to win the Omaze sweepstakes. 

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