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This story is an update to one that was originally published on Sept. In the midst of all the talk about the war on drugs in Tennessee, law enforcement officials in Murfreesboro said theyve yet to see the harm caused by the weed. Thats not true, said Murfreesboro Police Department Chief David Rausch, who told The Enquirer the police department has seen a dramatic drop in crime due largely to marijuana laws. I have a significant amount of people that come into our station with drug charges, he said. We go down to jail people with felony narcotics charges, people with felony marijuana charges. We dont ever see the drug use or get the criminal record. I dont know if thats the whole impact since we havent looked in there, but we know it has an impact. Rausch, who is also director of the Institute of Criminology, Law and Justice at the University of Tennessee, is a strong critic of the war on drugs that many Tennesseans support. The reason Im speaking out now is because Im concerned that in the war on drugs, which is being fought in the state court system, we should be encouraging research in this area to see how we can use the drug issues differently, he said. Rausch is also concerned that the war against drugs is causing Tennessee to have a lower quality of life. Were going to have a lower quality of life, and in many ways this is the opposite of what we should be doing as a state. We should be trying to be more like Colorado and Washington, and have a very liberal system and get away from the law enforcement approach that we had in place where we were arresting kids, he said. 9 billion each year in state and local taxes on marijuana. The studys key finding also pointed out the financial savings in the form of reduced incarceration. 3 billion over a 10-year period in lost state and local revenue, the report states. The fiscal savings result from a projected drop in arrests for marijuana possession at the state and local levels. Rausch said he has talked with Governor Bill Haslam about his concerns that Tennessee could lose out on a whole lot more money for.

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