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You are a Hacked Social Director at a Hollywood Film StudioYou are a Hacked Social Director at a Hollywood Film Studio. You have gone to the internet and found many celebrities saying some pretty negative things about religion, especially the Catholic Church. You wonder what the hell people are getting all riled up about. T believe that you just got a big promotion. Re a human resources person who has just gotten a job as a human resources person, but what the heck is a human resources person. T know what a human resources person does. You try to remember, but all you can think about is the job interview. Re doing so, you find that you suddenly have a different idea. M not going to waste anymore time with this thing. You quitYou have quit your job at the Hollywood film studio. You have heard that the film industry in Los Angeles is becoming more and more secular and that Hollywood is a place of tolerance. You become a ChristianYou decide to become a Christian. You decide to learn the Bible, study the Bible, and study it a lot more. Eventually you decide that the Bible is full of good advice and it should be a guide to life. Re becoming a little more friendly toward religion again. As you go to work everyday, the whole work place is a little more friendly toward religion. As the years go by, you begin to see how life is different for you and it has to be so for all the non-believers in the world. Your life is going to be a lot easier now that you are no longer worried about Hell and you can enjoy life in the company of the non-believers for a long time to come.

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