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Present 2 March Michael Cyrus and Tobias Smith wore. 23201312:33:39 You walk into the living room, which is now covered in posters from the night before. There are so many things to look at, you say. I really shouldnt, Judy says, I mean, we still have so much to do. I was just saying, theres nothing better than a big party. We havent had a big party in five years. I just wanna party and not study for my exam. I know youre going to have to do well on your exam. Yeah, and I really cant get drunk, can I. Re probably getting tired of living out of a van. Re going to have to pick someone to accompany you on your trip to get some of those bottles of liquor on the side. You can come right with me, Nick. You embrace her, while she kisses you on the lips. Ll last a lot longer than a few liquor bottles. 3313Ten years have passed since you made your decision to leave Zootopia. S a place where predators and prey can live without fear of each other. The Zootopian Government has done its best to make the world a more accepting place for predators and prey alike.

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