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If you really want to read some more advanced articles, and you should. You might want to begin at Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the best Asian beauty products on the market, in my opinion are from Japan. I dont get why anyone would want to go anywhere else. Oh, also, if you are going to travel to Asia on your trip to experience the wonderful things that it has to offer, I cannot stress it enough, that the best place to go in a professional, expensive way, is your nearest department store. 00 on a single product and getting the most overpriced product you can imagine. Also, the most overpriced product you can imagine is that which is not even worth the price you pay. I wouldnt recommend going to the local beauty store. They probably wont be able to give you what you are looking for. The best place to go is one of the department stores. If you want to search for reviews on some Japanese beauty products, you can start there. And I would urge you all to not take this as an attack on any particular country or the individuals that live there, because it isnt. Its just me pointing out that if you are going to buy a high-end product, and you are using the whales that are the department stores, you are at their mercy. Their prices might be good, but the quality is not the best.

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