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S all natural and organic and everything else. I need to ask you something first though. You stop at the door of the store and wait, and wait. Finally, a man with short hair and a scraggly beard and mustache emerges from the door and sees you. The man gives you a curious stare and then speaks again. Very well sir, thank you for choosing Avalon Organics. I shall contact my superior and arrange for you to have your order delivered. He then turns and exits the door leaving you alone in the store. This was going to be so much easier with everyone else home, but you need to face your real problem now. I really fucking need one of those things. Ll have to find something else to distract yourself with in the meantime though. You head back to the kitchen and find yourself rummaging through a cabinet. Eventually after flipping through some shelves you manage to find a glass jar. You place it on the counter top and then open the lid. You take a quick peek in a cabinet and then head back out to the kitchen and go through the cabinets again while you look for something else useful. Re looking at what would be a nice plant pot to set this thing on, you hear a bunch of yelling.

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