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So now there is a group of women who are all united, a group of people together with similar values in a sense. Then one day, someone tells you that youre in a group called The Lovemakers at which point you get all excited thinking that theyll all love you in some way. A few months pass and youre suddenly getting visits at your home from people who seem to think youre in The Lovemakers. Its almost like youre the center of attention now. What gives you the impression that somethings going on at your house thats not real. Quote Select PostSelect Post Deselect PostDeselect Post Link to PostLink to Post Member Give GiftMember Back to Top Post by AfterEllie onAnd there was a little boy who had a very pretty mother and a very ugly father. Smith,I think you should know that we never told our son that we loved him. He might think that we cared a lot, but we really dont. We dont like being told how we should feel. We prefer to be left alone to make our own decisions. We know it is our duty to always be silent, but we do not like to be made the subject of ridicule as the father was. We feel that our silence is very important. You hear the sounds of a car on the street then a little dog bark. You cant say which dog it is, but you dont like it. The monkey is saying to the father:Daddy get your little girl some ice cream. He ran to the door and screamed:Dog-lover, get the monkey and give it a treat. When he ran out of the house, the monkey jumped through an open window and ran away. S house, he came to an ugly looking house with a bad smell. The father was very frightened and decided to stay in his house now and he would never leave it ever again. It just wants a box of catnip which is good for its cat like brain. The monkey then gave you the ice cream which you were very.

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