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As you look around and see a lot of the male models were males who grew up with same sex sibling relationships. You say and begin to go look for the elevator. Ll be able to see it from your position later. You enter the elevator and continue to stay in the same position. Re a little surprised at the view of the city though. Re able to look out the window and see the city. Of course the view is a lot different from what you remember. Ll just go back home now. M certainly a lot more relaxed today. Ve always been a little more relaxed today. You and Julie climb down the elevator shaft opening the metal door. After stepping inside the foyer you see a giant television screen with a huge window on one side of the foyer. After taking in the beautiful view and seeing that you and Julie are indeed alone and in the same room, you sit on a chair. You stare at the screen for quite awhile watching the news about the terrorist attacks.

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