Bite Beauty Cashew is a very warm-toned, dark mauve with a satin finish…

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You no way this is going to be the same as fucking with all my shit. M talking about the LAST time, into your eyes. T even want to look at the other stuff in the bag. You walk over to the garbage can to dig through it until you find some food. You grab a couple of tortillas and a few raisins. S now daylight for the first time in a few days. You were so wrapped up in your food eating haze that you completely failed to notice the sun rise. Re standing there about to go to sleep, you see the same familiar figure from yesterday standing right outside your window. You ask quietly, not wanting to wake up. Ll be back tomorrow night though, so I suggest you do the same. You sit up immediately and look out your window. You see the same familiar old shack standing right across the street. Ve been up all night, you need to get a bed. However, the light reflecting off her sleeping bag almost causes you to freeze up even more with fear of what you might see. T know why, but the urge to get up and see if she is ok gets the best of you. You cautiously peek out your window and see her with a blanket wrapped around her. D be putting yourself in more danger so you get back under the blankets.

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