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You smile as you think about your lover again and the good times you had. You cant imagine her without you even if you wanted to. Its been awhile that youve felt that way about any girl. You must have had a lot of affairs to be able to meet such a number of women and none of them even came close. You continueYou look at the picture of your lovely girlfriend that you took. Her hair is dark and her skin is darker than usual. The picture was taken a few days before the incident, and she looks sad, but in a very good way. Maybe she was sad because she thought that there was no hope for her anymore after her failed love affair with you when she was an orphan. Maybe it was because she couldnt stand the fact that you used her for your pleasure. Maybe it was because she saw you as a cold asshole. Thats okay though because you wont ever be that person. Someone who is a great lover, that she can do anything with him for her happiness and her safety. Someone that wont abuse her or take advantage of her. You look at her picture of happiness and you smile. You get off the couch and start looking for Lanas address. When you find a place that you thought might work, you take her phone number and see if you can call her. Maybe you can convince her to take the subway to see you again. You dont know if you can convince her, but youre going to do it anyway. When she gets off work at 5:00, she sees you and smiles. I dont know how you got back here so fast, but thanks. Hey, I just moved back home so I thought Id call and see how everythings been going. You hear the sounds of a car driving to her address. Looks like you might actually have a chance with her. You call herSomewhere in the distance you can hear a car driving to her address.

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