Black celebrities voting for trump

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What s coming, you think, look at the way the world is changing. The only way youre going to stop it is by voting for Barack Obama. You can feel yourself getting less and less into it, until one day you just give up. Re struggling a little with the whole Obama thing. Just so many similarities between him and Obama. He says, not looking up from your conversation. He tells you, his eyes scanning the room, looking all over for someone to vote for. You try to find something else to talk to him about. You give up and head back to your booth. S not until you get to the end of line that you meet another black woman with a black baby on her hip. S house to the hospital when she gave birth to you. At first you assume the man has been talking to another black woman, but then he tells you his name is Eddie Smith. You give both of them your business card with the picture of Barack Obama and shake their hands.

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