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The women also show a photo of Black-ish star Yara Shahidi in her natural hair. The photo is captioned as Black-ish star Yara Shahidis natural hair. Some women say that when the photo spread on social media there are no consequences, but the women say there will be. On Twitter, women from South Africa, Nigeria, and the United States said that the post was unacceptable. Yarasurley Unacceptable Ive been calling out racial violence for years. Numbnumbnumb, JanuOn Instagram, several women made a list of other injustices the post was making. One woman said she was a victim of rape when a man called her a white bitch. Its not okay to use rape as a joke, she added. MissNettieH, JanuThe post also made some women angry that they were not invited to join the meeting. A photo of the white woman with the caption You know they cant all be racist. I dont know how this makes it okay, but I can only assume its because shes using the archaic form of the pronoun. I cant even use he because that is still offensive, but they is just a damn noun, not even an adjective. JinxyBean, JanuIts like she honestly doesnt realize that they is the most offensive, dehumanizing, and dehumanizing thing in the entire world and I dont even care if people think Im being sarcastic. This is the type of mentality that has made white supremacy a thing.

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