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You wait at the barAfter spending a bit of time chatting there you decide to go back to the room you were staying in that night. You start to get a bit drunk, but thankfully the alcohol makes you less talkative. Eventually you end up stumbling back to the bar to see how the rest of your party was doing. You see a woman you know from school chatting to a guy over there. You figure she must be a friend of his or some shit so you pay her a visit instead. Hey Suzy, do you know where the room is. You ask a couple of times before she notices your voice and waves at the bar. You follow her, wondering whats she doing there. I just bought a drink and I think I should take it back to my room. Yeah, but you should go back to your party already. You start heading back to your room, but you soon get turned around. Youre looking at a guy with a similar haircut to yours, although shorter with a more maturegirlish face. He looks at you, but doesnt approach right away. Instead, he stops and stares at you at the bar. Id like to talk to you, and maybe I can help you. He says, as if he didnt just say he was only going to buy a drink for you. Alright, but what do you want to talk about. The guy smiles at you, but only for a second before looking away. You notice he has a tattoo of a rabbit on his arm. You assume its a tattoo of one of those cute little bunny rabbits you saw in that TV commercial. He doesnt say anything, so you make a mental note to ask him some questions later. You start entering back to your apartment, but you pass by the guy on the way. You quickly head back to the bar and ask the man you were talking to if he saw the rabbit tattoo. Yeah, thats the rabbit tattoo, thats his mothers name. Ah, thanks man, Ill talk to you later, Ill have a quick bite before I start my work tomorrow. You say and head back to your room. Sorry, I just dont understand your mind. Sorry if I got your mind on something stupid.

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