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The man is a bit slow on the uptake, but the voice sounds extremely persuasive and he is quickly convinced to part with his cash for your flower offerings. The man looks like hes about to faint on the spot from shock and fear, but he manages to get out the money. The man is clearly emotionally invested in his purchases and youre very glad he isnt watching you during all of this. Finally, you feel you have enough cash to get home. You immediately head to your room and look at some more of the product pages to get an idea of how much has changed. Your previous plan was to wait till you were back at college to do this, but youre now not quite sure about that. You might end up leaving town and trying to sell your wares somewhere else. You head back to your room, as you didnt get all the way through your stash, and then go upstairs to your parents computer. You look back at what you bought and start browsing through the product pages. You dont feel like doing a lot of research at this point, so you just pick something you feel like doing and then keep browsing. You eventually get tired of looking at all the product pages and just go straight to the products with the biggest price jump. You find something to sellYou spend a few hours looking through the new products and then get back to your computer screen. You open up a bunch of the new products and try to sell them. You find that there doesnt seem to be any real market for these products and that theyre just junk, but there are actually some people in your area who will buy them at a higher price than you are selling them for. You decide that if you have to wait around to find people to buy from youll have to find somebody else. You look up online shopping and see all of the various businesses and services and you decide that might be your best bet. You look at your list and find some products that the man at the boardwalk had bought from you a few months ago. You go back to the store and take those products back and take the price difference off them. You then go to your parents basement and give them the new list you got. You give the list to your parent and they both take it to the counter there. You go to the BoardwalkYou go to the boardwalk and see a large crowd there. The man sitting at one of the tables seems to be getting annoyed with the many people who keep asking him to Have the best deals this week or Will you still sell me these flowers. He points out that hes actually selling them for a profit now and explains that theyre now profitable. He then hands over your flowers.

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