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They really should have a place where they are where all the products they sell are. I dont go out of my way to buy makeup. But when I do, I like to pick up from a store that is open 247. I mean this is something that I would actually buy from a store. Plus I would save a little money, because I dont think Im even in a major city anymore. I really dont care what they have on their website, because it doesnt really mean anything to me. If it was something that it really made me buy, then it wouldnt be a secret that they dont sell it in this country. Because it would be a benefit that wouldnt cost me anything. But since I dont even bother going here anymore, and its not something that I want to actually go and spend money for, than it doesnt really matter to me. If I really wanted to, for whatever reason, then I suppose I could pay for it. But I dont really see it as something that I would want to do if it was a luxury item. It would be something that I would use, and then throw it in the trash after. But yeah, if anything was a luxury item, Id go to one of the drug stores, because if it was something that I actually wanted to buy, I would have to pay. I guess Im just kind of put off by the whole idea of going to a store, and going what the hell is this and that kind of thing. I mean I know I can find something that I want cheap in any drug store, or even better, I can just go to the drug store that Im at because they have all of my favorite stuff. But I still dont see the point of going to a store. And Im wondering if you have a store or not, and you dont, why not. Would you have a store that just has a bunch of things that youre really interested in and then theyd be open to the public, or would it be sort of private. Im not the only person that feels like this. And I know Im not the only person that feels that way about Sephora, or why not even make such a store. Maybe Im just being a jealous jackass, but I just dont think that something like that should be available for all the people that dont.

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