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You are so tired of the news and your brain feels foggy. T tightly strapped to a chair, but at least the oxygen mask keeps out the constant rain of jolts. You listen to the news and see a bunch of celebrities dying each day, because Bollywood stars suck and nobody would watch Bollywood movies without celebrities. T help but think about how you were once one of those Bollywood celebrities. Every once in awhile you think about the good stuff that happened in your life and the bad stuff that happened to you. Sometimes the good stuff is just as memorable to you as the bad stuff, though, and most of the time the good stuff can provide purpose to your life and is worth living for. S news report on the tragedy of the tsunami tells you all you need to know about the human condition. D do anything to protect their kin and family members. T have the wherewithal to help themselves and even when they try they usually fail. You are an example that the weak can survive in a world of violence and a symbol that the strong need not fear the horrors that may lie in the future. You watch the news report and think about all of the people you know who were affected by the tsunami. You think about how they fared as well and you are grateful that you were not part of that group. You feel more awake than you have in quite a while. T worried about that, you can sneak past them like you did today. You have been on your feet longer than you cared to believe and you have to ask yourself, why.

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