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You dont want to have to payYou know what you have to pay for. You dont care about having to pay for anything else. You dont care about having to listen to people whine about stuff they dont have any control over. You dont care about talking to random people. You dont care about your own music. You decide to just have fun without feeling like you have to do it. You leave your apartment and begin to feel like youre an outsider. Its not like they do it all that often. The door opens and you see someone with curly black hair and wild, wild eyes staring at you. S actually wearing clothing instead of just his leather jacket and jeans. His wild, wild eyes make you feel very uncomfortable immediately. Ve never really been a movie buff. M not some sort of socially awkward loner, so like I said, how ARE you. At this point, your cousin has made a complete ass of himself. Re in a creepy horror movie, but you still want to make a decision. T have any friends that like to watch movies, ha ha.

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