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Do you know their last names. Do you just want to get rid of them. Its a common myth that you cant be in a relationship with a dog, but can be with a human as long as the humans are also in a relationship. The opposite is more of the rule, people who arent currently involved in a relationship, dont enjoy dogs as much. This has also been noted in other relationships, people who are in long-term relationships, like marriage, dont enjoy other people in relationships. This has been noted again in people who have been on a break up, once the breakup, they dont have the same feelings about long-term relationships anymore. Anecdotally, it sounds like people enjoy being around other people who are involved in relationships even more than they enjoy being around non-involved people. This seems to be a bit of a general rule and its also a trend. You cant think of any other reason that people who have been in a relationship wouldnt be as happy about it as people who have been out of one except that you have very strong personal experiences with the first group. You ask your other half about having other relationships with other people, not just with dogs. He thinks about it, but says he has already had other relationships on and off with people. Youve also been seeing your other halfs dog, youd like to know more about that. You ask more about your other sideWhy. It doesnt really matter unless you want to ask her more about her side too. Maybe you dont care about other people in relationships since theyre basically just objects to you. You think about it for a second and decide it would be better to just be with her, itll be easier to talk to her that way instead of all the other talking that goes on. Maybe youre not that good at being in a relationship with a dog. You start to say Im just not a human being but you stop yourself. You do seem to enjoy dog-related stuff. Okay well I guess were not a dog and a human. I mean I just didnt feel right about you right now. Well okay, you said you were into dogs before too. Yeah I did, but I never told you because I was scared, I know how that goes.

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