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The world is just too fucked up, and these celebrities, these public whores, they dont take any of it seriously. They are just on to something they find fun, something that they can get away with. Something that is very easy to get away with when you are in it for the money. So you can imagine just how the fuck bored they are with their lives. It is said most of them arent even famous for what they are famous for, in fact you cant even name the actual type of careers these are famous for. They have their music, television, movies, and even their books and magazines. But what is it that keeps them from just doing one thing and doing it well. That they dont want to get caught and have their lives ruined. They are just bored with themselves, of course, but they are also bored of the world. The world, that they never seem to want to venture out into, to see what real adventure and danger is like. So they are content to stay in their little bubbles. They live there doing something they have been doing for years. They do it all the time, and they dont change it up, in fact they dont do anything else but that. So these celebrities are your average whores for the rest of your life, which they have now for almost eighty years. You ask who are these people that the world is always talking about. The world is fucked up enough already, the more things change, the more they stay the same. You were brought up to believe that the world really was a safe place. To the people that believed you, you still do. You just are sick of the world now and want nothing to do with it, let alone these whores for the last eighty years. You end this conversationYou just dont give a shit anymore. The world is not a safe place for you anymore and you have had enough of it. You exit the booth and head back to the bathroom. You wash up and leave the hotel, but first you return to the booth and lock the door. You turn off the TV and the radio, and then you start to think about everything you heard that day and how it all just seems so bizarre and pointless. There was one thing you did notice about the people in the world that you do think about though. It is very strange, but there has always been a group of bottomless celebrities that seems to be constantly around. A group that seems to just fill the atmosphere and fill people with contentment.

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