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T have to keep up with celebrities any longer and can focus on my new job that I love. T be too surprised if you see some of this around in the coming months. S going to include at least shouting vulgarities at the Hillarys and their supporters. Ll make sure to mention the other stuff as well. If there are going to be riots, I might get shot, beaten, molested, grabbed, threatened, harassed, insulted, humiliated, sexually assaulted, spat on and literally anything else that any decent liberal would do to someone they disagree with politically. S of other people here who have decided to follow me. I certainly wish that I could do to them what Donald Trump is doing to Hillary Clinton. M going to explain in one post the results of my research of the Clintons. There are going to be several blog entries covering that. Well folks, that about sums up my opinions on you bunch of losers. I will say though, there is one thing that I could do that.

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