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Jpg: You say no thanks, and head on back to the hotelYou could go back to the hotel as the next best option if you wanted to do more exploring. You head back to the hotel first, and make sure to bring some change for the room. Youre about halfway through when you notice the sign to the right of the street. Its got something that looks really familiar in big red letters. You turn to go check out the sign, and start to get a little scared, even though youre pretty sure its not a ghost. When you exit the hotel, you can feel the cold air on your skin. You go back in to check the sign againYou keep walking down the street, and dont immediately find the sign of the hotel. You keep seeing the same images of what you think is a ghost, but it doesnt really seem to be following you around like a ghost would. You go into the kitchen of the hotel, which is exactly when you realize that theres a sign above the washing machine that says Wash This Before Use. You turn it on, take your clothes off, and put them on the line. You dont find anything that says wash before use on the sign. Okay, so this is a big bag of used coins. The man looks at the sign as if you just claimed that these coins were all from the head of the man. He always thought I was a good cook for the inn. You stare at him as you try to wrap your head around it. The man starts to walk off, but you follow him.

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