Broadway beauty and the beast

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You stay behindYou turn to leave, but then decide the wait outside isnt worth it. You head over to the diner where you catch a table. You arent particularly hungry, but your mind is restless from the day youve had. That day, you learned you were different from everyone else. That today, it was finally time to have your life together. In order to avoid the crowds, you head over to the back door where you take the stairs up to your room. Unfortunately, the room looks small, like youve packed too much into too little space. Once inside, you take of your sneakers, tossing them on the floor to make room for a more spacious bed. You then sit down in the chair you brought with you and fall into it, closing your eyes and trying to get yourself to sleep. As you drift off to sleep, you find yourself thinking about how it would be nice if you could just have your own place again. The last thing you need right now is to deal with living with your parents. As you fall asleep, you feel yourself calming down, just as you expected. You dream that youre back in the old diner, where you were able to talk with your mother about the things youve been talking about. The next thing you know, youre sitting in the cafeteria, eating a hot dog. You look and see a girl with short blonde hair and a cute smile walk up to you. She sits next to you and grabs your hand, leading you to a table. Its still hard to believe that everything has finally worked itself out. So, how have things been with you since the night we met. You pause, searching your mind for the right words to respond to him. I told you, I wasnt the guy you thought I was, Bobby. He takes another bite of his chocolate chip cookie and looks at you with a serious expression. You nod, but theres something missing in what he tells you. Something that youve been holding out on him for too long. Something that he promised hed never leave you. You say, squeezing more on your hand to get it to stop shaking. You frown, but keep your voice steady.

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