Brock Lesnar — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar‘s grappling looks have been front and center since 2002, and they are Brock solid!

Here’s a 30-year-old version of the then 265-pound pro fighter back in 2008, posing at a UFC photo shoot in Minneapolis, Minnesota (left). Brock’s 2008 season concluded with two wins, beating Randy Couture and Heath Herring, and one loss to Frank Mir.

“The Beast Incarnate” … now 44 years old and 286 pounds … recently shared a selfie of himself in the gym, working on his stacked physique, as he gears up for WrestleMania 38 (right). The current WWE Champion will be going up against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


The question here is …

Brock Lesnar

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