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You can hear a noise, like a dog barking. In the distance you can see a man and a woman, they seem to be arguing. The man says something and suddenly the woman suddenly pulls a gun and shoots the man in the throat and runs out of the room. You look in the direction of the noise and find a man and a woman arguing. You listen carefully as they both try to reason with each other. Again, the woman hesitates for awhile, but finally says I just need some money to get some gas. And again, the man hesitates, and again, the woman shoots him. You try to be understanding, but this isnt the time for that. You try to make it sound peaceful, but youre not. You want them both dead, they were planning this out and you know it. Tell me where the station is so I can come get you. Again, after a few moments of hesitation, the man reluctantly says, The one over there. I dont like to ask for directions, but I need to know where the police station is. Can you at least tell me where the station is and make a note. If you dont, Ill get out the car, Ill find it myself. With those last words from the woman, you leave the scene of the crime, but you never do find the police station. Perhaps you will one day, but for now, youll keep looking for it. Meanwhile, the mans body is lying on the sidewalk, while the woman is still out the window looking in some direction. You dont know where shes going, but youre going to make sure she doesnt get caught. You continueYou go over and wait around the woman for awhile, she hasnt moved. I know where the police station is, I wont go over there. But I have to go, I didnt make it back to my car in time.

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