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Sheltons LagerSheltons Lager is brewed to be light and refreshing. Its a slightly darker amber with a sweet creammalt aroma, its smooth and creamy, and its been lightened by the addition of some malted barley for an added caramel malt base. This one has a medium body with a medium to high level of carbonation. Aromas include malt, caramel, and a clean malt finish. It can go great with pizza and is especially good eaten while watching TV. When we went on our first vacation, we stopped at a brewery that served this beer. Im sure it has a nice taste all by itself, but its nice in the summer as a mixed drink with orange juice, cranberry juice, and lime juice. Broadway, Suite 200-ALodi, Illinois 60512Tel: 877-788-3229Fax: 815-738-9077They also have a tasting room in Lodi, Illinois They also have a Facebook page: CompanyIm not sure if anyone saw this, but maybe you did. In a recent episode of MSNBCs The Cycle, MSNBC political analyst and former RNC staffer Nicolle Wallace was asked by someone if she ever thought that President Obama would not get re-elected. Wallace responded that the question itself was absurd, but she didnt have an answer when it came to Trumps chances. Wallace went on to say that Trump is only going to continue to use the scandals that have plagued Obama. She even compared Trump to former President Nixon. I believe hes been more or less following Nixons lead. Im talking about the Russia scandal, the Hillary Clinton scandals, the Uranium One scandal, the IRS scandal, and the Obamacare scandal. Hes not going to get rid of these scandals because he knows he has to keep doing something to distract people from the scandals, Wallace said. Wallace said this election is a referendum on the direction that we should go in this country.

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