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Your story is of course exaggerated for political effect. You keep lying, and soon you realize that even if it was just a minor lie, youve wasted everyones time. The crowd is now getting restless, but with nothing to do, they just wait. I was lying about what I was going to be doing until I realized that I was going to have to do something besides sleeping. The crowd now grows restless, but they dont show it. Instead you can feel the energy in the air change. Its not like usual energy, because that would just be a force that was there. However, its unlike any energy that youve ever experienced before. Like a deep, powerful emotional feeling that youve never even experienced before, like a deeply-rooted, deep-rooted emotion. That feeling is what will move you, and thats what youve got in common with the crowd. Its not so much that theyre all friends, but rather that they all feel the same way when they look at you. Youre not really a liar any longer. You wake up, slowly coming to, your limbs beginning to adjust to the dark and the surroundings. You sit up, groaning as you stand, looking around. You sit down slowly, groaning again as you stand once more. You groan, leaning against the wall as you stare at the ceiling, thinking. In your periphery, you notice the other two people in your cell, both of them asleep. You wonder what theyre doing down here, so at first you stand, then sit down on a nearby chair, not sure why youre doing it, but you do it anyway. When youre certain theyre asleep, you look outside, and see that night has fallen. You groan again as you look at the dark sky outside, trying to ignore the fact that theres no air or sunlight here. You think back on some of the things youve felt tonight. Like you had something inside you. Like someone elses mind was inside your mind, and he was talking with you.

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