But her anachronistic dress invites the question: Whats she doing here…

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There is no escape from it, not even death. You say nothingYou dont know what to do. Not only do you not want to talk to her, but you dont even want to approach her. Youre not sure if you should say anything though, maybe its best to just go with the flow here. Youre a little reluctant to actually confront her, but you are a little anxious, and so as she starts walking away, you decide to speak up. Excuse me, you begin, but I have a few questions. I mean, can you tell me whats going on. You feel your face flushing a bit, and think that was odd. You didnt know it was possible to blush quite so much. You try another approachYou know, just a general question. I assume you mean the one with the question mark. The creature looks at her dress for some time, before replying. You think about what the creature just said, before replying. I dont mean to freak you out, I just. Well I feel like I should just ask you something more. The creature looks at you in confusion as you ask this question. The creature doesnt answer right away, instead she continues to stare at her clothing. As she keeps staring, her face starts to show a hint of sadness, as if she feels shes letting you down. The creature starts to cry, and so do you. Suddenly, the creature starts to smile, as her eyes widen in joy. The creature screams as she runs off, leaving the two of you alone.

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