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In stockCars 3, Blu-ray DVD Digital The story and characters you know and love come to spectacular life in the live-action adaptation of Disneys animated classic Beauty and the Beast, which 19s 25th anniversary comes tomorrow:. In the meantime, youre checking out some of the latest issues of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine thats a favorite of many a geek, and as youre looking around on the cover, the cover features a group of characters that make up the cast of the film. One of them is a man, dressed in leather, a whip in his hand. Another, dressed in clothing with sharp points that protrude from the front of his clothing, also has a whip. They all, dressed in medieval garb, stare at you. The man in the leather pants, the man in the sharp-edged clothing, the woman with the long blonde hair and the man with the sword, they all look at you in anger. The woman, dressed in a dress and holding a fan in one hand and a book in the other, looks at you in fear and starts to fidget. Whats going on here is that, in your world, a small group of evil men are planning to kidnap Princess Anne, the future queen of England. In your world, the king is going to go to war with them. Im preparing to do something about it, you say. Im getting rid of them, you say. If it wasnt for me getting rid of these people, none of the people on the movie set would be alive. Really, theyre all dead in my world. But you could destroy them all. Youd probably have to kill every single person on the movie set, before the evil men could get their evil plans into motion. I just have to get rid of one of them, and thats what Im going to do. Do you really want to kill everyone on the set.

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