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Re zipping up your fly and putting on your robe. S to come when you land; that is, if you get off at all. After a couple of hours, you look out the window a last time to check on them, and find them gone. Soon, the plane is moving steadily away from the city, and you are left in a quiet and peaceful place. Ve yet to give yourself a proper reason to go out and do something fun. You put your robe on and prepare to leave the plane, but you are stopped by an elderly man with a cane. The old man holds out a box and a man with short red hair and a red overcoat steps forward. The old man pulls out from the box a tiny human child sitting in a crib. Ve never laid eyes on your son before. M just a simple innkeeper, with no knowledge of family matters. You stare blankly at the old man, who has been making these comments for some time now.

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