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You see how the candle-shops lights are so bright that you can see and move the candle-stove on the table. Just one could tell that its quite bright. The shopkeeper is at that time, sitting in his chair and looking outside from the door. Its already night, yet the shopkeeper is saying its still daytime Even so, its really dark Youre really a blind guy who sees all the time, but its really hard to tell the time in the dark. It isnt just the lights, its the whole night time. The shopkeeper didnt say that the lights are quite dark, but the whole night time. Even when Im awake, I can still only see the first floor, and I cant really see the sky and other things. Youre sure, you think, but its not like you have a good memory though. Its almost as if hes making this up as he goes, you think. Dont worry, I wont say anything if you tell me your feelings. I dont mind, because if youre sad, then Ill try to make it alright. I mean, you know how people get a little sad even with their lovers right. I think you should be able to see the shopkeepers sincerity, so let me tell you. You say this and touch the shopkeeper, who doesnt react, and rub the back of his neck. So, would you like to see my shop. Do you want to buy some candy or a lamp or something. Ill take any one of those products, so you can pick whatever you want and take it with you. Im sure this shop is popular, so there are lots of people. I also wonder if the lanterns are that good so Ill take a few of those too. Theres a rat running around too, can you come and help me catch it.

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