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This article about Blonde celebrities under 30

By FrostStorm created – 22 May 2014 updated – 13 Jan 2019 updated – 13 Jan 2019 Public. By Hothtrooper44 created – 25 Sep 2014 updated – 13 Jan 2019 updated – 13 Jan 2019 Public. By Jabberjaw created – 04 Oct 2014 updated – 13th Jan 2019 updated – 13thJan2019. Theres an old post where you used to keep personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, and other interesting things that you thought would be useful. You click on the address and see an old house and a couple of old pictures of your old home. You think back to when you used to visit there a lot. That night when you are laying in bed, you ponder if you should tell the others that you are being haunted by spirits. Or maybe you should make up a story and throw this information out of the window. But then, if you tell them that then they can either believe you or dismiss you. You make up a storyYoure not worried about the whole ghost thing, but if you have to lie, you will. You dont need to have anyone disbelieve you for one of them. You explain to the group of ghosts what happened to you when you were sleeping last night. You tell them things that you cant possibly remember, or that youre just remembering thanks to the medication youve been taking. Or that you were possessed by a spirit, or something else entirely. Theyre less sympathetic this time, and the ghost that you spoke to the most, the one youve had the most contact with, the one you feel the closest to, was the one that was the least sympathetic. After she spoke, thats when the second group of ghosts came. In the darkness of this room, you cant really see the ghost, but you can hear her. You dont know which one, but it seems like theyre speaking to you right now. What exactly did you say just now. Its difficult to talk since you feel like youre about to pass out, but you force out the words you feel necessary. I dont know what this is about, but then I never do with you.

This post about Blonde celebrities under 30