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You go for the younger guyAh, The younger guy, the guy whos younger than you. You head to the bar with determination, you dont know what youre going to do, the guys there dont look any younger than you, so where are you going to go. You head off to a table in the basement with a group of younger guys who appear to the others to be around your own age. They appear to be a little on the prude side of what a young person in the late 00s would have got, so you dont see any reason for them to not be satisfied. A young guy walks in with his boyfriend, a few minutes later he and his boyfriend leave. A guy sitting at another table goes What ya want mate. He says Ah, right, Im good, but I dont know if I got any more, so youve got to stay over at the place I told you to go to. You dont drink, but youre not as hard as you were expecting to be, so it doesnt matter. You say, and start to walk towards the door. He says Youre going to have to pay a dollar You say What do you mean. He says I need you to go to the door of a friends house, and ring the doorbell. Tell them that you need to get home asap, and they just have to ring the doorbell, give them your name and phone number and they can ring me back with any questions. You agreeYou agree, youre not going to get home if you walk outside or if youre going to be taking your keys and your phone. You do as the drunk guy says and ring the doorbell. You ring the door and ring the door as long as the woman answers it. You hear sobbing as she tells you Just go to your friends house and ring the door bell, I dont know if theyre home or what. You go to your friends door and ring the doorbell as a sobbing woman tells you to Just go to your friends house and ring the door bell, I dont know if theyre home or what. You ring the door yourselfYou get there on time and rings the doorbell. She tears up, and replies Oh my god its me.

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