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The band was formed in 1984 by the Kanye West andSnoopDogg collaboration in New York. That year Jonas released its first single Cocaine. The band continued to release music for years, before the band broke up in 2000. The three men continued to record music separately, before Jonas formed a new band with an all-female lineup named The Wild, which released its first single Lonely in 2001. The group broke up in 2002, forming The Free Nationals in 2005. Sometime in 2013, Nick Jonas started dating his girlfriend from college, Selena Gomez, who joined The Jonas Brothers in 2014. By 2016, his career had risen to the point where he was more famous than The Jonas Brothers, and he became the groups lead singer. However, he continues to tour as a solo artist, releasing tracks for his album that were originally released by other artists. S is a pop singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom, and she gained prominence during the 1990s for her hit singles Candy and Piece of My Heart. Since she began singing professionally professionally in 1981, her career has been characterized by a relatively long and prolific period of success, as well as the occasional periods of low popularity. She is known for having an edgy and rebellious image, with her image ranging from that of a childs doll, to a cartoon character, and her music ranging from the soft rock of pop to the heavy metal of punk. Despite her aggressive image, she has also been described as a nice girl and had a long-term relationship with her manager Nick Jonas, born 28 February 1975, before the dissolution of his marriage, which ended in his divorce in 2008. One of her first charting singles was Candy. She later won the 1996 Brit Award for Girl of the Year. In 2002, she won the MTV Europe Music Award for New Artist of the.

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