Caitlyn Jenner voted for Trump for president, as she is …

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You feel that the world has been taken over by darkness and that only the light can save us from it. You are prepared to sacrifice everything, even your life, in order to achieve this. Reynolds and your friend are all standing in a large office, looking at a computer screen displaying the current election results. Reynolds picks up the phone and dials the number listed on the screen. M still really fucking upset about Trump winning. T work, I just tried to take as much shit as I could and now I just got called by the fucking FBI. T make them any less serious. I might know a guy by the name of Jack Smith Jr. S the name on the voter registration form I wrote down a long time ago. Ve been wondering if I ever saw him again recently. Reynolds looks at the screen and then at your friend. Re out of ideas and the dark energy that has been affecting you makes it impossible for you to stay calm. Ll just be throwing away your chance at victory. Before you can attempt to vote for Clinton, you have to calm yourself down. Before you can vote, you have to cast your ballot and before you can feel good about yourself again, someone tells you that a recount must be performed because there was a discrepancy between the number of ballots and the number of people who voted. Ve at least stopped Trump before he even stepped foot in the White House.

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