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I did go to a university, but not for grad school. Re a movie star anyway so no college for you. I said, what you do now will probably not affect your job prospects. People make careers out of playing characters. T use your face on my posters, I would play you in a movie about your life. Then maybe I could play you in another movie about your life while I was still in school. How did you get into film anyway. T know, I just love watching movies. I think you were born with a natural talent for it. Re good with a brush, but not a brush and paint. S not going to get you anywhere either. You need a unique skill set to be a movie star. I just had a knack for writing and directing movies. I think you could become a writer too if you practiced a little harder. T make you any less skilled than I am. T happy with being in one place and you wanted to try something new. So, how about this then, you go play in a movie.

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