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You get a tattooYou decide to get a tattoo, and think about how a tattoo is a big mark on your body. You decide to get a very simple tattoo. You decide to get a butterfly on your chest, written in the language and symbols of your choice: You learn about SymbolsYou want to learn more about symbols. You want to know more about the alphabet of symbols. You want to learn more about the alphabet, so you learn about some of the symbols:The circle, the triangle, the square, the pentagon, the square root of 8, the Greek alphabet, and the alphabets of the Ancient Egyptian, Nordic, and Celtic peoples. For each symbol the number and characters that are the same:The number of the same symbol:The characters that make up the symbol:The colors that make up the symbols of the same language:The symbols of different languages:For each of the symbols you remember:A symbol, in the language you are learning:A symbol, in a different language:A symbol, of a language you are not sure of:A symbol, of a language you are not sure of:For each symbol you remember and a symbol you dont:A symbol, in a language you are learning:A symbol, in a different language:You are going to be a scientist. You are a very talented, gifted, and unique young woman, who is going to make your parents very proud to have you. You need a lot of things to prove that to them, but you are going to get them. Your life is going to be very busy now. You will have to take a big step in life, and you are going to make it. You are going to have to travel the world and find out what it is all about. You are very grateful to have been born on Earth. You want to make Earth a better place. You want to work for the good of all Earthlings. You are going to do everything to prove your worth. You are going to do it all to prove you are more than just an average girl. You have so much more to offer and to prove. You are going to be the top genius girl on Earth. If youre a die-hard Stranger Things fan, chances are youre going to be thrilled to learn that Netflix, which launched the cult-favorite drama in late July, is planning a second season of the phenomenon. Whats less likely, however, are you to have watched all 16 episodes when.

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