Carol Kirkwood shuts down desperate BBC critic urging her not to smile during forecasts

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts continued sunshine

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Carol Kirkwood has shut down a BBC Breakfast viewer who took issue with the weather presenter’s recent forecast. The meteorologist, who is a BBC favourite, swiftly hit back after she was questioned about her upbeat personality.

The 59-year-old is known for her bubbly and friendly nature on BBC Breakfast since joining the team back in 1998 and has been a firm favourite among viewers for over two decades.

A social media user has since questioned Carol’s recent weather forecast but added they were sure she was not being “unkind”.

The person in question suggested she had been smiling after she said there would be no rain during Tuesday’s episode.

Simon Leadbeater wrote: “Why is @carolkirkwood on @BBCBreakfast smiling when she says there is no rain in the forecast… @PeterWohlleben taught us that trees scream during drought – no smiling matter… Carol is not being unkind I am sure, but pls tell it like it is… desperate…”(sic).

The social media user made reference to Peter Wohlleben, a German forest scientist and author, who writes on ecological themes.

The BBC Breakfast presenter hit back at the social media user as she rejected his claim.

In view of her 227,800 followers, Carol replied: “I am not smiling because there is no rain Simon!!! We need rain… I am well aware of that x.”

Simon swiftly responded: “Good to hear. It is just you are always so cheery, and brighten our screens each morning.  But, the situation is getting grimmer by the day… and I think forecasters should say so. I see everything in terms of climate not weather, perhaps not always correctly….”


Viewers came to Carol’s defense as many said her cheerful demeanour is what gets them up in the morning.

Phill Bunton tweeted: “I look forward to your smile each morning AND on Twitter and your smile is always the first thing I see on insta every morning. It’s like medicine. You report the weather you don’t make it!!! Keep on doing what you do lovely lady.”

Timothy Marks commented: “Leave Carol alone we love her.”

Sidney Dipper added: “Simon can have my rain and Carol can keep on smiling.”


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During yesterday’s forecast, Carol warned that “dense fog” is set to hit England, with “increasing amounts of cloud” drifting southwards through the day.

The BBC meteorologist said that there will be some sunshine breaking through today and tomorrow, as well as the “odd bit of patchy light rain” as well.

Eastern coastlines will feel “a bit cooler” faced with a cold breeze coming from “frosty” temperatures in Scotland that could hit “around freezing or below”.

By Wednesday morning, there should be more sunshine coming through, she said, with “highs of 14 degrees”.

Carol said: “Tomorrow, then, we start off with this cloud in the east. It should thin and break, and we’ll see some sunshine come through.

“Brighter skies out towards the west, a wee bit of cloud developing, maybe an isolated shower coming out of it. Not much more than that.

“And a brisk breeze across the south east and the English channel with highs of 14 degrees. It looks very much like the weather is stuck in a rut.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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