Cate Blanchett baffles fans as she freezes during interview

TÁR: Cate Blanchett stars as Lydia Tár in trailer

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Cate Blanchett, 53, is tipped to win a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Lydia Tár but her interviews to promote the film have concerned some fans. Some social media users have pointed out that in one particular interview the actress becomes completely frozen while her co-star answers a journalist.

The now-viral video has sparked concern for the award-winning actress as she and her co-star Nina Hoss, 47, spoke to a Digital Spy reporter.

As Nina’s character is relatively “in the dark” throughout the film, the reporter questioned how she “balanced” her character knowing nothing while she knew everything.

Nina began to explain that her character was so rooted in reality that it wouldn’t be acceptable for her to look forward like she does.

While the actress’ answer provided some valuable insight, fans couldn’t help but fixate on Cate, who seemed to zone out so hard she stopped blinking and breathing.

As Nina’s answer continued, Cate stared blankly to the right of the camera, completely unblinking and unmoving for a full 15 seconds.

The actress was then accidentally bumped by her co-star and visibly snapped back to reality.

She then zoned out once again, looking directly at the floor, completely unmoving and unblinking before jolting back to look at her co-star, fluttering her eyes as she did so.

Social media users were ruthless in their commentary on the moment, with very few paying attention to what Nina was saying.

Some compared Cate to a “robot” that had “run out of batteries” while others thought their signal had frozen while loading the video.

One joked: “She’s on low battery and had to charge for 15 seconds”.

Another declared that the pair’s next stop in their promotion for Tár would be Madame Tussauds.

Other fans believed that the actress was simply daydreaming or listening intently to Nina’s answer to the intricate question.

This isn’t the first time one of Cate’s interview clips has gone viral.

In 2015, Cate’s interview for the Cinderella live-action film that saw her portray the villainous Lady Tremaine.

Speaking to journalist Jonathan Hyla, the interview was visibly awkward from the outset and the conversation soon flipped to a battle of banter between the actress and the reporter.

While the pair seemed to enjoy themselves for most of the interview, Jonathan attempted to take a more serious view of the subject matter, to the apparent detest of Cate.

Jonathan questioned how Cate was able to “get that cat to do what you wanted”, referring to Cate’s on-screen co-star in Cinderella.

Cate’s face dropped as the question unfolded and she declared: “That’s your question. That’s your f***ing question.”

The conversation soon wrapped up, with a small clip of the last question going viral without much context.

Cate’s role in the Tár film has also come under fire as she portrays the first female conductor of a German orchestra, Lydia Tár.

Critics have damned the film as “anti-woman” due to Cate’s tyrannical character.

However, the actress has defended the film, declaring it is rather a consideration on how “power is genderless”, as she said on BBC Radio 4. 

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