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A lot of celebrities are against trump, and the reason why i think your talking to them, is because they are afraid. You know what is even scarier than trump. I mean i guarantee there is a lot of that going on on your side, so you are scared. So you gotta do something, get rid of them somehow. You need a way for people to stop watching the show and stop giving money. You go with you go with your plan of attacking the celebrities to get them out their money. You figure it will be enough to get them to stop watching the show because who is going to be paying attention to it anyway. And you thought this entire week was a crazy one. People actually start tuning in to watch reality shows again. Re watching the celebrities and donating to keep them watching the show, nobody seems to stop watching it. Ve really got to think of something else if you want to stay on top. You get a call from someone in the entertainment industry that the show might be cancelled tomorrow. You make an appointment to speak with Howard and go up to his office. M not even going to bother lying to you. Ve been having problems with these comedians. Ve been giving them too much airtime. Re all getting rich off of you. M not even getting money from them. They are a brand new show and they need all the help they can get. Okay, but how much do you charge for what you do. M not fucking doing any more business with any of them. M just going to cut off all contact with them.

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