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At the time, you were more interested in the medias coverage of Donald Trump and felt it was unfair to Donald Trump, and also you wanted to try to help the media by exposing them for being biased and so forth. However now as you are looking at the media coverage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you realize that this is a lot different. You notice that the media is not just covering the negative things about Donald Trump. The media is also covering Hillary Clinton the way it would be covered about any other candidate. There is some fair coverage of her, but they have largely been covering her from the same biased angle that you and the others were. This is probably one of the main reasons why you are voting for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. The facts arent actually on your side and the media is clearly not unbiased. You know they have been saying that for years, so why should you believe them now. Theyve lied on their own websites long ago. Besides which a vote for Hillary is the same as a vote for The Establishment no matter who is in office. It is just Hillary in power right now, and she isnt exactly acting like the liberal candidate who promised to do better in certain ways. In fact shes more inclined to be more of what youve always hated about the Washington Establishment; they have too much power and dont give a fuck what the rest of the country wants. You want change and a president that will put that in action. Not another candidate that is more for what the Establishment wants than they are for you. You vote for Donald TrumpYouve already made your decision, so why should you think any more about it. You cant even imagine how many emails youve sent or how many phone calls youve made while you were pondering on your decision. But you know it was worth it for what you think is right. Goodbye, and good luck in this election, you say as the elevator doors close behind you. When you exit the elevator, you realize you actually arent feeling the same way about the election. You feel the same way you always did about the 2016 election, but it isnt as much excitement. You were more concerned about whether or not youd turn out to vote and your vote would count. No matter what she did, despite anything you might say about Donald Trump, you still could have voted for Hillary. If only she had just made a few more speeches about how shed be so much better for America and the world. But then again maybe you arent as loyal as you think you are. Maybe you arent as committed as you think you are.

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