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Who of course also just won the award for Worlds Most Beautiful Woman too, which was her first major award of 2012According to Star Magazine, Lovato has been the subject of much mocking from some of her more pretentious peers and many people are also just not feeling her new-found success. In addition to that, some of her fans find her self-absorbed and disrespectful and a bit of a party girl, a diva, and a bore. What do YOU think of Lovatos Star Magazine hate poll results. With only two weeks until election day, the battle for the White House is a close one. But theres still time for some last-minute moves. Here are some of the top ones: If youve yet to make a decision, do it now to help set the tone for the rest of the campaign. It wont make a big difference in your final choice, but a vote for President Obama now is a vote to re-elect him. Its time for you to make up your mind. If youre already a firm Obama supporter, and you want to make sure youre really with him, the smartest move you can make is to hold off on voting until you hear more about Mitt Romney. When you do, consider voting for Romney in swing states such as Ohio. But even if you vote for Obama, dont be bashful about letting all your friends know. If you havent made up your mind, what the heck is there to think. If its still undecided, by all means do it now, before the news cycle gets even more interesting. For free And remember, Im not the only one with political opinions. Just because youre not a fan of mine, doesnt mean that you should follow in her footsteps. If youre a big Obama fan and youve been looking forward to this day for months, dont let it slip your mind. If you have three little kids to think about, though, you could always vote early: Itll make them a little less nervous at the polls. Advertisement If youre a little more skeptical of Obama than I, but youre feeling more optimistic about Romney, perhaps itd be best to delay your decision for a while. The last three weeks before election day usually tend to be especially bad for political predictions: In both 2000 and 2004, pundits were just getting warmed up when the votes were actually.

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