Celebrities are people too, and just like regular people, they get sick…

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The only major issue with celebrities is that they all tend to have the same negative energy. So in short celebrities are probably the best people to start with in spreading the message that living well is much better than living poorly. But if you want to live a life of luxury and be successful then you should just become a celebrity yourself. This way you can make sure to have a lifestyle that is better than anyone else and at the very least you have proof that you are on to something. Then once you achieve celebrity status you are guaranteed to be rich. Most often the people who become stars get famous on the back of their music and movie careers and dont really make any money from it. In fact, even before they become famous they often dont even make a lot of money. It is usually due to the fact that their music and movies are very popular and well known and if they became rich from them they would just have more money at their disposal to continue their careers or spend it as they wish instead of just using it as a springboard for a career in music and film. However even if you dont become famous, you can always try to start a career in a less financially lucrative field that will guarantee you some sort of fame. This can be any field you like and you just need to find one that you are good at and has little competition. In your case this might be an occupation such as an author, a painter, or a writer. You can also try to become a singer. Of course you might also find that you are just not good at anything. You choose a less glamorous occupationYou know, there ARE still a lot of glamorous occupations. For instance, if you go to the circus or any type of circus, you know that many of the performers do live in poverty. A few even go to bed hungry every night. This can be a great way to try to improve your lot in life. T be able to afford the luxuries that celebrities can. The worst part is you might even become like a rock star and be known for having a bad attitude, which will definitely NOT help you become a millionaire. Well, there are some less glamorous options that might actually make living better.

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