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A few days after the prom, you and Rach continue to hang out and you make plans to go to a movie that night with the two of you. You even manage to convince Rach to go with you that night. Of course, that night ends up not being a good one. Re heading to the movies which escalates into physical altercations. Re both in a state of mind of fighting one another, you both forget Rach. Re sitting in a restaurant having a meal with your older brother and his wife and a few other family members and they make a comment about the incident at the prom. Re now twenty-six years old and in the military. You were discharged in a day and your military career ended shortly afterwards. You got promoted just as far as being a petty officer, but were then sent to a small outpost due to budget cuts. Ve managed to save your money well enough to provide her a place to live. T even remember the prom incident happening five years ago, but you do remember that you had a more positive outlook on life back then. You were still able to look back and still reminisce about your time in the military. If she only knew you when you were in the service. T last long so you had to re-up the contract to start over again. Five years after your first marriage ended, Rach decided it was time to leave you. D found someone new who shared her views on life. Re still left with a few resentments, along with no where to live. S going to leave you for you to stay with her. T know if you want to hear about what her last name is or anything else.

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