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Hence, myAfter seeing some of the names on the list, the man shakes his head. The man motions for you to follow him into another building. Apparently his name was on something called an industry blacklist. After hearing his story, you just shake your head. We need to do some digging on who these people are. We just need some time to talk. Well just follow me to the door I guess. Ben leads you into the next office and you notice a door. S a door leading directly out of the room. Ll be back in a little under twenty minutes. Ben says and then opens the door leading out of the room. You follow Ben out of the building and he tells you to wait in the street. Eventually a red sports car is seen entering the parking lot. After a few minutes later, you see a red sports car pull up to the restaurant. Ben starts to reply, but you briefly check to see if the man has left. S just trying to keep you outta the way. S just keep going and get out of this place. You and Ben soon get to another road. This time though, you notice there are a lot more cars on it.

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