Celebrities born in 1933

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Ve listed them in order of their birth date. Re getting a good idea of the faces and approximate ages. A loud noise from off to the side catches your attention and you notice the side of the building you were just standing on is no longer there. You look back and see a group of people running in the direction of the noise. S probably the people trying to get in the shelter from the earthquake, but from your observations, most of them are starting to make a lot of noise. Re going anywhere too fast, so you tell Polly to open the door and get out while you take cover in the shelter. Re going to do about this mess when the noise turns into a full on stampede. As you peek out the shelter door and start to make your way towards the source of the noise, you see the stampede has turned into a full on stampede. The people are completely ignoring the fence that is in the way and are running full force towards the crowd. S another one down the other side. S not like you can run back to the shelter. You turn and start running back to the shelter when you hear a loud, obnoxious voice. S one heck of a herd of cattle you got here baby. You keep RunningWell that got your attention. Re running to the other fence, you hear a loud voice yelling about some animals and then you hear the clatter of a motorcycle. You turn around and see someone riding a motorcycle. Re going to get caught running away again, you hear a bunch of swearing coming from the crowd. Some in English and some that sound a lot like your own language. And why the hell are you riding a motorcycle in the faaaaaaaaalll fucking snow.

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