Celebrities born in 1958

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S in the famous people born in 1958 category. So you choose your favorite from the list. S why she has to look like a porn star. Re tired of the whole situation, so you stop reading. You leave this depressing mall and head towards the car. You pull out of the parking lot and walk towards the mall. T go in, you have to admit; you do really like shopping. T hear a car pull out in front of you. You keep walking and eventually eventually you see it. The doors are open and you can see inside. Day 4: MondayAs usual, work is a drag, the house is just as bad and the neighborhood is even worse. Re not really feeling up to doing much. You sit in your car and listen to music, as usual. D rather get a real job, like that girl who works at the pizza place. Ve gotten home, so you make yourself a sandwich and watch some TV. S about time you took your mind off the misery of this world. You sit on the couch and start to think about last night.

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