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You April 25April 25th, 2017You open the front door of your home. Oh, someone says, standing on the porch next to a tattered duffle bag. The person looks at you for a long moment, before shrugging to you, opening the duffle bag and pulling out a thick document. You read the documentYou slowly lift the black paper, glancing at the names on the list, each labeled with a short, curly number. You read the first three numbers slowly, as you read all the rest. You close your eyes as youre reading it, as you imagine the people on this list, the last time you saw them alive. I need to go get the hell out of here, you say. You sit down on your living room chair and stare at the living room. Its for us, they say, and its the only way we can get out of here. You slowly open your eyes, staring at the two of them for a long time before opening your mouth. You give them the opportunity to escapeYou know what, fuck, you say, I just got a list of people that died today. If you let me out of here, I can tell you what happened to them, they have all the information Ill ever need to make sure they all got home safely. Fuck, they say, we want to escape. You open your eyes and stare at the woman whos now holding your hand. I have to go meet my boyfriend to go on a trip. Im sorry about this, she says, as she takes your hand as you sit down and close your eyes again. This woman, whom youve never seen or interacted with before, is now giving you a lot of information, the list of names you were given earlier, the cars youre on, the times, the addresses of all these places on the list. You were having a nightmare, thats all.

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