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A study of DNA from fossilized fish teeth found in a Chinese cave shows that modern humans and Neandertals interbred, a finding that counters evidence that Neandertals were the only humans to have lived on Earth. The DNA analysis shows that the modern humans and Neandertals both shared a common ancestor about 5,000 years ago, said study co-author Eske Willerslev, a geneticist at the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen. The study, published in the March 9 issue of Nature Genetics, shows that modern humans and Neandertals interbred not as recently as was once thought, Dr. At least a third of the DNA in Neandertal DNA came in the form of junk DNA, he said. Researchers first came across fossilized fish teeth in the Vindija Cave in Croatia in 2011. The researchers found that the teeth, some of them over a million years old, were full of bacteria, some of which were closely related to the ones found in the guts of humans and other animals. In Images: The Closest Living Genetic Link to HumanResearchers were intrigued by the finding, Dr. The DNA was found on the surface of the teeth, so modern humans could easily have brushed them. The DNA showed no signs of having come in contact with dirt or other foreign material. A second find came in 2014, when scientists found a fragment of human DNA in a Neandertal tooth. As in the previous study, the DNA came from the mouth, not the dirt. Both studies, however, found DNA from humans as well as Neandertals in the tooth fragments. The researchers wanted to know if the DNA in the tooth material came from modern humans or Neandertals. In the first study, they used a technique called massively parallel sequencing. This method sequenced DNA from very different positions at the same time, allowing the researchers to get a better picture of a small sample, Dr. After the research team sequenced the genetic material in a tooth, they got an answer: Their Neandertal sample came from humans. Their modern human sample came from Neandertals. In Photos: Humans Discovered in SiberiaModern humans and Neandertals had a common ancestor about 6,500 years ago, with modern humans having spread out from this group by about 500 years ago, Dr. But the research team also wanted to know what DNA came from what group. To do this, they used a technique called a polymerase chain reaction, or the same technique used in.

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