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We just had to take the last remnants of the Empire off of your hands. If I can reach them anywhere outside of your prison or fort, I can find them. We can regroup, reclaim my kingdom, and avenge GKK. Weve come too far to let it all go to fucking shit like this. And I dont give a shit if youre a fucking hero or a fucking legend. If you cant, then Im a fucking failure, and Im gonna go back to the Empire and go live a more mundane life. The Empire didnt want me, and I turned it down when they were fucking offering me what they considered to be the best opportunity. Im supposed to at least have a small hope of rebuilding this Empire and helping people. All youve done for the Empire is throw it to the fucking winds and done this because youre an evil bastard that wants to kill all of us. If youre a fucking hero, you need to do that. If youre a fucking villain, then you need to do that, but if youre a mere mortal that cant do either of those things, then YOU need to fuck off. You go homeYou dont believe in a Hero Code. In fact, you dont even like talking about the Hero Code. So you go home and eat all of your fried foods. You sit on the couch and watch every episode of Friends and go to bed. In the morning, you wake up with a knot in your stomach. With a sigh, you look through the bedroom and see a few clothes scattered around the floor. You check to make sure theres a knife on the bedside table, and that the gun is still hidden somewhere in the closet. You try to remember where you hid the gun a few times, but you dont know where it is. You sit down on the edge of the bed, your head hanging low. Youre not fucking listening to me, you say.

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